2018 event trends at Tower Bridge - Tower Bridge Events

2018 event trends at Tower Bridge

As we say goodbye to 2017 we’re looking at new trends for our events at Tower Bridge for 2018.

Cool not Corporate

The events team at Tower Bridge believe that our 2018 clients will be looking for a stylish, relaxed atmosphere instead of a corporate setting for their guests. Whether it is for the Engine Rooms, Walkways or North Tower Lounge, we’re going to continue working closely with our suppliers to create fresh and unique event ideas for 2018.

More than just the venue

Next year, our clients are going to be looking for something extra to create that ‘wow’ factor for their guests. We’re going to be using the Tower Bridge Tour Guides at our events, allowing guests to go on exclusive tours of the Bridge after a meeting, or why not have a guide present to welcome guests to the Bridge during your drinks reception? This allows guests to enjoy the views from the Bridge and have an insight into the history.

For those clients that want to really impress, we’re going to see Bridge lifts becoming more popular. By using one of our local Thames charter boat agencies, clients can book a boat to sail down the Thames allowing your guests to watch the Bridge lift from the glass floors in the Walkways. This is a great way to really show off!

Experience life at Tower Bridge in 19th century

We want to entice our guests to try our new Virtual Reality App. Tower Bridge Exhibition have teamed up with TimeLooper to offer a new virtual reality experience.

With amazing new technology we’re going to see our guests travel back in time and relive incredible moments in the Bridge’s history and London’s past. Download the app and transform your mobile into a time machine! Up on the Walkways, wear your headset and watch on in wonder as crews of labourers work to construct Tower Bridge in the year 1892.

Witness the Victorian steam engines spring to life for a Bridge lift in 1905; see the crew of oilers, stokers, labourers and engineers jump into action as they race towards the task at hand.

So out with the old and in with the new, we’re ready to welcome 2018 for a busy year of events!