Food trends 2018 - Tower Bridge Events

Food trends 2018

With 2017 behind us, we’re looking at the food trends we’re going to be serving to our guests whilst dining inside Tower Bridge.

Booze free beverages

We think this year we’re going to see our clients being more conscious about our guests’ drinks and offering alternative options, including non-alcoholic drinks. With 2018 seeing a massive health kick, people will be looking for drinks with less calories: flavoured tonic water is definitely becoming increasingly popular!

Lucky for us, we have a whole range of fun non-alcoholic drinks to keep everyone happy!

(Cucu gingers – cucumber slices topped with ginger beer & finished with a basil leaf is a personal favourite!)

Instagramable food

In April 2017, Instagram announced they had 700 million monthly active users. It’s no wonder as people like to share what they’re doing and especially what they’re eating!

Whilst 2017 was the year of unicorn-themed food, 2018 has chefs looking at the power of visually appealing food. Colour was all the rage in 2017, but texture is predicted to be the most photo-worthy trend of 2018. Think chewy beverages and even more candy floss treats!


With restaurants becoming more accommodating for vegans, our event chefs are going to be looking at altering our menus to make them more vegan friendly. Plant based protein will become key in our dishes with more and more chefs embracing ingredients such as tofu, tempeh and quinoa as veganism is on the increase.

Our chef says, “Our philosophy is simple; we want to show off the amazing bounty of British land and sea by creating exciting and sustainable menus from our trusted suppliers. We are lucky to be surrounded by a team that love food and we draw on our butchers, grocers and fishmongers to make sure we are using the best ingredients in season. We also ensure we keep an ear on the industry buzz so we are at the forefront of current food trends. This working mentality ensures the plates we deliver are full of flavour and sourced as locally as possible.”

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