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10 top tips on picking the best party venues in London

Finding your next corporate party venue can be a tough ask as you entertain you clients or your team, but we have put together a list of a few things to consider to make that all important choice.

  1. What kind of party are you having?

The choice of best party venues in London depend on who you are inviting and  what kind of event you are trying to create.  So who are you inviting and what kind of style of venue is going to impress them? It’s always good to find somewhere that people haven’t been as they are more likely to then attend your event as they want to see the venue. Including a bit about the venue in the invite should intrigue them as well so always worth doing.


  1. How many people are you hoping to attend?

Simply you need to allow for spacing at the venue, so to know the numbers that are likely to end up attending is very important. Venues will have a maximum capacity that they can accommodate because of fire restrictions and if the space is too large for the numbers then you won’t be able to get that party atmosphere. Every venue will advertise its maximum capacity for a standing party, but make sure you see the space so you can see how the venue will flow for your numbers.


  1. What time of year are you hosting the event?

If it is summertime it would be great to incorporate some views so that your guests can enjoy the views of London in the sunshine. There are a few venues that have views but none can really compete with Tower Bridge on the Walkways. The views are both east across Canary Wharf and west across the City, London Bridge and into the west of London.


  1. What style of event are you going for?

Are you offering your guests a full meal or just some snacks? Are you covering the bar costs for them or are they buying their own? You many need to consider space depending on your food service as having a fully seated dinner, as an example, will need more space than a canapé reception. There are also lots of different ways that drinks can be arranged whether as the organiser, you put your card behind the bar and settle up at the end of the event, or there are prearranged drinks packages that can include a certain number or an unlimited amount of the drinks per person.


  1. Welcoming your guests in style.

First impressions count and they last so ensure your guests have a welcoming and engaging start to your event and it will set the tone for the rest of the evening. This can include the way they enter the venue physically and any decoration or branding you put there, the welcome from you or your team and how quickly before they are being looked after with food and drink.


  1. How will you entertain your guests?

When you mention parties you tend to think about entertainment, whether background music  or a full stage show and performance. Do you want to have something unassuming and relaxing in the background, just to create some atmosphere or would your entertainment be the focus of the event or section of the evening? There are some great entertainment agencies out there that can suggest acts that will amuse your guests and make your event stand out!


  1. What food are you serving your guests?

This will tend to be based around the style of event you are looking for – in a large part, how formal or informal are you wanting the event to be? There are some great options for either. Still popular for a standing event are interactive food stations which allow a great variety of options for guests along with a chance to talk to the chef about what they have available. On the seated menu options, there are many variations on the traditional three course plated menu, just talk to the venue and catering team about ideas depending on what you are looking to achieve.


  1. What drinks are you going to serve your guests?

Again the style or indeed theme if there is one is important here. You  can look at representing that theme within the food and drinks. A signature cocktail as guests arrive is always an interesting talking point – potentially using the company colour. Do you wish to be seen to support local and English produce? There are some fantastic sparkling and still wines as well as great ales and beers from very local to London which are always a lovely touch to an event.


  1. Is it a celebratory event the party?

If it is then are you going to have a focal point of the evening to have someone highlight that celebratory event and thank the guests for coming? You could look at having a cake to mark the attention and present that at this time as well. Parties are often about letting your hair down and relaxing but a little reminder of why everyone is all there won’t impact the fun of the party but just might make that special individual / organisation feel very well cared for.


  1. Enjoy the party.

It can be hard when you are the organiser of the party itself to not be able to enjoy the event that you have arranged. Even if there are no arrangements left to be made and there is nothing more than needs to be remembered. However, you are in the hands of the venue and catering experts so make sure you have had your pre-event meeting to run through exactly what you are looking for at the event, and then let them take the strain and you relax and enjoy everyone having an amazing time from all your hard work!

Our best party venue in London

Tower Bridge offers a flexible space in which to celebrate a wide range of party events.