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10 Ways To Find Your Perfect London Event Venue

1. Ask for Recommendations

Other departments in your organisation will have used venues in the past for corporate or private events so ask around and see where they felt was good as a London event venue. You may want to find the departments that are likely to host a similar style of event as your colleague’s birthday pub might not be quite what you were looking for! If you have an intranet site, do you have the opportunity to ask questions? Or is there a social committee that might be able to guide you?

2. Attend an Event Networking Event

There are many local and event-specific networking groups which you would be able to go along to and find some new ideas for your next event. They are often breakfast or lunch, but can also be an evening event. The organiser of such an event will be delighted to have you join and network with people that can potentially support you for your event. They are usually conveniently located, so it is easy for everyone to get to and from.

3. Go to a Venue Show

There are a number of event-specific shows throughout the year in London. Some focus specifically on summer and Christmas but the venues there will do all ranges of events, so don’t be put off if you are actually venue-finding for a reception or a dinner. These shows will give you exposure to multiple venues in just a couple of hours (and there are always lovely refreshments to keep you going while you are there). Once you have a few venues you are interested in you can book in site visits directly with them.

4. Have a Look in Your Local Area

There are probably venues you walk passed every day on your way in and out of work. Keep your eyes peeled, and you might see a few names that you can then lookup. An event space might be an advantage when hosting the event, particularly if the attendees are coming from the office.

5. Talk to a Supplier you Have Used in The Past

Previous suppliers will work in a variety of different venues and will be very able to suggest a few options of venues that will work for your event. Some of the catering companies actually have their own venue-finding services, so you can always ask them to do the leg work for you. If they are one of the top London suppliers they will be in and out of different venues daily, so will also have the most up-to-date knowledge of any new and exciting spaces that might work for your event.

6. Look on Social Media to See Where People in Your Network are Hosting their Events

A scroll through Instagram will provide you with another source of great ideas. Look at event companies, others in your network or caterers and see where they are hosting their events. The pictures might show dressed venues with design and styling, but if that can be done for their event, there will be a wealth of other ideas that you could use for yours.

7. Consider Going Back to a Previous Venue

Consider if it isn’t broken don’t change it. There can be a temptation to keep changing locations for events, but is it necessary? If the event has gone well, the delegates have enjoyed it, and it has been simple to arrange, why risk a change of location and the potential for things to go wrong? Repeating the event will give you some reassurance that the venue knows what they are doing and so things will go smoothly and take less time to arrange.

8. Do you Know That Many Galleries and Museums do Events?

You may not be aware that the majority of museums, galleries, halls, cinemas and public spaces are available for hire for private, corporate events and Christmas parties. Events are an important income to many of these cultural venues, so there are often options to hire them for daytime and in particular evening events when they have shut to the public. You can usually find details on their websites or just call and find out; they will be able to put you through the right person.

9. Ask an Agent to do the Searching for You

Agents are third parties who have a great knowledge of a huge range of venues and suppliers across the events industry and can help cut down your legwork and also suggest places that perhaps you don’t know. They are free of charge so you should be paying more for using them. The best way to work with them is to give them a detailed description of what you are looking for, let them know what is important for you, for your event and a budget is always very helpful to make sure that the right venues are being put forward.

10. Use the Internet to Look for London’s Event Venues

Perhaps being more specific on the type of event you are looking for. The internet is a great tool to venue-find from; just put in the type of event you are after (whether that be a private dining event, wedding reception or corporate party), and a range of great options will come up. It is also a good way to find the best listings sites as well, which often have search facilities on them to give you some other great ideas.

Our Event Venue in London

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