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6 Things to Consider When Hosting Your Small Christmas Party

We wanted to give you some tips for all those looking to book a smaller Christmas party this festive season.

Size and Value

When looking for a smaller Christmas party venue in London, it is going to be key that the space is going to be appropriate in size for your event whether it’s a corporate Christmas party or Christmas lunch. Not only because you don’t want your guests to feel dwarfed in the event space but also for value for money on a per head basis; Christmas venue hire will work out very expensive for the larger spaces. Think about how you want the journey for the guests to flow through the venue, and you can decide what space you need. Do you want to have a separate space for your guests to arrive into and enjoy their reception drinks? This means that the dining area can be kept for a reveal giving your guests an even better experience and wow factor at the event. After your dinner, are you going to want to have dancing or entertainment? If so, would that be in a separate space, perhaps back where the reception took place or around the dining tables so that those that don’t want to dance can remain seated but keeping all your guests together? With smaller numbers, it is usually more advisable to keep everyone together to maintain the atmosphere and buzz of the event.

Theme or Not?

Always a tough choice as to whether to go for a full-on theme, keep a traditional Christmas or not do a specific theme. Choosing a themed Christmas party that is going to work for all your guests which won’t make anyone feel uncomfortable can be difficult if you go for something quite specific. Themes that offer a variety of activities that can be enjoyed at the event often go down well as it helps the guests interact and network with one another. It can be quite fun to move away from the traditional Christmas theme as people are surrounded by that from November onwards and can get a little tired of turkey and pigs in blankets. However, going too far from something wintery and sparkling can jar against the time of year and seem a little odd. It is also worth considering whether you actually need a themed Christmas event. Would it be more appropriate to hold an ‘end of year’ party rather than Christmas? If a theme isn’t in place at a venue for your event, it can be quite costly, particularly for smaller events, to bring in enough theming to make the venue look good. There are themes that are easier than others to deliver in a more cost-effective way, so these can be advised either by the venue or by one of their theming suppliers.


Christmas party location is always important to ensure you get the most attendees to your event. Too far away from the office and you risk losing your guests along the way to local pubs and bars. It is also important to think about how people are going to get home from the Christmas party venue in London. Is there a particular direction that the majority of guests are heading in? Determining this would ensure that a particular location was going to be the most beneficial one to be near. It can help to give the guests instructions prior to the event, to ensure they are comfortable with their route home and make any appropriate booking to get home safely. There is still a perception piece in terms of which are seen as the most desirable locations in which to host events. Similarly, as you are spending the money to entertain your colleagues and guests, it is important that they understand the financial and organisational input that has gone into the party planning.


There are so many options for entertaining your guests. You can look at wondering artists that interact with guests on a more personal level, bringing them into the experience and thrilling them with exciting games and activities. These can include guest participation, but you will know your guests and know whether this is something that would delight or worry your guests. An alternative is to have activities available for those that want to take part in the event space. Guests can then decide for themselves if they want to get involved and if you have a few options, pick the ones they are most interested in. You might need to encourage people to be the first to try something; guests can be a little shy if they feel they are the only one. But, once that initial barrier is overcome, your guests will all start to get involved.


There are many different ways that you can include music in your event. Simple background music played through an audio-visual system will create additional atmosphere and make a space more welcoming, particularly for the first guests’ arrival at the event. Perhaps you want something a little more? A band or a DJ can become more of a focal point to an event. However, some guests might find this a little intimidating particularly if they believe they are going to be expected to dance at the event venue. Music can offer another opportunity for an interactive activity for your guests, whether it is a class to teach your guests to play an instrument, sing as a choir or make an instrument. There are many options that will offer something a little different, which is what we all want to celebrate Christmas and the festive season.

Food and Drink

There are many menus and drinks you can offer your guests at events; it just depends on the style of event and dining experience that you are going for. Is it a high-end cocktail, English sparkling wine and dainty canapés type of event or simple, bowl food with crowd-pleasing bangers and mash, fish and chips served with a good quantity of bottled beers and wine? Often at Christmas parties, there is an unlimited bar which allows guests to have what they would like with the guidelines of what you have decided to have on offer to them. For smaller Christmas events, you want to ensure that the event runs as smoothly as possible and this kind of bar option is usually the best choice. Cocktails can work well for smaller events as well. When you get to larger numbers, cocktails can slow down the dining experience, but for smaller numbers, they can provide a focal entertainment and an extra variety to the event.

Book Your Small Christmas Party at Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of the capital’s most desired Christmas party venues. Our expert team have years of experience with organising Christmas parties, so you can rest assured knowing your event is in the right hands. Our Christmas venue is the perfect space to host an extra special party this year. Get in the festive spirit, right in the very heart of London and let our team take care of your Christmas party planning.


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