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A Unique London Venue For Your Occasion

Tower Bridge is the most iconic landmark in the world. It is the image that internationally identifies Britain and nationally identifies London. Unique is a word so often overused, but as the only bridge in the world that you can host an event on, Tower Bridge really does offer a unique London venue.

It can be hard to imagine that events can take place in such a varied set of venues that there are at Tower Bridge. Each of the three spaces at the venue offer clients something very special and they aren’t so obvious to the everyday visitor that they become such amazing and unique event spaces:

The Walkways

The walkways stretching across the River Thames with its glass floor section looking down on the Bridge, is a busy daytime visitor attraction. However, in the evening the space transforms with the in-built LED lighting system, tables, decorations and design. Our evening event guests get to enjoy the space as few get to see it, while enjoying the sunset across the wonderful London skyline.

The Engine Rooms

Below the Bridge level, surrounded by the impressive machinery that once lifted the Bridge, are the Engine Rooms where guests can drink, dine and dance around the fascinating displays and history. Again, it is open to the public during the day, but event styling and lighting brings this space alive and transforms it into a great event venue.

North Tower Lounge

Our last space, which isn’t open to the public so therefore available during the day and evening, is the North Tower Lounge which has recently been refurbished. It boasts stunning views along the Bridge and is now an excellent space for conferences, meetings, receptions, dinners and wedding ceremonies and receptions.

It might seem an unlikely place in which to hold events; a working bridge across the River Thames that is also a tourist attraction with an exhibition. However, this is what makes the venue so wonderful. This isn’t a purpose-built function room made specifically to host events that perhaps is lacking in character and unique talking points. Many of the great museums and galleries around London are used for events outside of visitor hours. For these cultural organisations, hire from hosting events is essential income to continue to offer their attractions. It is remarkable though how even some of the most historic and quirky spaces can be transformed and used for a wide range of events from Christmas parties, product launches, private dining, as a conference venue and corporate events.

The production companies that we work with at Tower Bridge are all experts in turning the venue around from a daytime visitor attraction to a stunning evening event venue, all within an hour.

The Food

Seasoned are the venue managers as well as the on-site caterers and have over 40 years’ experience of operating in just these types of venues, producing excellent, delicious food from the smallest and most unlikely kitchen spaces. There are challenges that aren’t faced in purpose-built venues but they are all able to be overcome to produce amazing events in such unusual and unexpected venues.

Hosting an event at Tower Bridge will set your event apart from all others.

Why will it set it apart? While the 5* hotels are commonly associated with hosting events and certainly the Park Lane hotels have highly recognisable names, largely the event spaces are purpose designed and once you are in the hotel room there isn’t a lot to distinguish it from other hotel event space. However, with Tower Bridge, you have a globally recognised brand and building, but one that will no doubt intrigue guests who don’t perhaps know that you can host events there. Once you get your guests there, the uniqueness of the offer only continues. Each of the spaces at the Bridge available to hire offer their own unique view of the Bridge and London, the most famous of which are unrivalled views both east and west across the London skyline while guests enjoy reception drinks and their delicious dinner in the Walkways. In our other spaces they each offer unique sights of the Bridge with views unseen from anywhere else.

What will your guests experience by you hosting your event at Tower Bridge?

They will get to experience a high calibre, exciting and interesting event. As guests arrive, regardless of the space that they use for their event, they will walk across Tower Bridge and enjoy the views along the River Thames and the stunning view of the Tower of London. There are often interesting and exciting things happening on the River Thames and should you be particularly lucky there might even be a bridge lift on the day that you are there and you can watch as the large boats go in or come out. If you are hosting a daytime event at the Bridge, then your guests will have the chance to go around the exhibition in their lunch or other refreshments breaks. This is an additional treat for hosting your event at the Bridge. For evening events, anyone that has visited during the day will not recognise the transformed spaces with beautiful lighting, elegant furniture, dressing and styling; making the space uniquely designed for your event. The food and drink available to guests will obviously be prearranged but can vary from simple canapés, interactive food stations and a three-course seated meal. We can easily advise you what might work best for your numbers and to reflect the type of event that you are looking to host. We are happy to tailor menus to fit your specific brief for the event and are very used to ensuring that all dietary requirements are covered with equally as delicious food as other guests.

What events work best at Tower Bridge?

With the variety of spaces we really can be very flexible about the events that will work well in the venue. For daytime events, our North Tower Lounge is a great, self-contained space and can accommodate up to 20 guests theatre style and 35 boardroom style. We can serve all your refreshments needed during the day from the beautiful, new, fixed bar in the room and we have range of energising and interesting snacks and lunches to choose from.

Our Engine Rooms, which are available for evening hire, are a great space for networking receptions because of the interesting and engaging displays and equipment in the space which are a natural talking point as guests move through the spaces. The venue also works well for intimate dinners and the space breaks up well to offer a reception area and then separate dining space. Dining around the engines that used to raise this iconic Bridge is certainly something a little bit different!

The Walkways can accommodate up to 250 guests across both walkways. Best of all,  the two walkways can be used as two different themes in each walkway (for example Heaven and Hell) or to have one walkway with live music and more of a ‘party’ walkway, and then a more relaxed walkway with soft seating and bar for those that don’t want to be dancing. As a dining venue we can accommodate up to 120 guests on round tables and this works perfectly with the drinks reception in the other walkway. The reception walkway can then be turned around during the dinner for further entertainment. For more intimate dinners, you can just hire one walkway for a dinner for up to 70 guests. Any event you host on the Walkways you get to enjoy the amazing view; so regardless of your style and numbers it will always be a fantastic event.