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Five Things To Consider When Planning Your Party

1. What Type of Event Do You Want Your Guests to Enjoy?

There are so many types of party you can host, so deciding what that feels and looks like will help you to start creating your ideal event. The first question to perhaps ask yourself is whether you want a casual or formal feel to your party? This will help steer the venue you pick, the type of catering, styling and design, including entertainment. To get to that decision, it is worth considering your audience; who are you entertaining and what will make them feel most relaxed, meet their expectations but also represent what you are looking to achieve? There is likely to be a complete difference from a staff Christmas party to a brand launch party with high-end clients in the feel you will be going for.

Another useful question to ask is, how do you want your brand to be represented and thought of? This again will influence the style of venue and event you pick. Even within Tower Bridge, there are three venue options to choose between, and each would have a very different representation of your brand. The glass and steel of the Walkways, stunning machinery of the Engine Rooms and classic charm of the North Tower Lounge, all invoke different reactions from guests. Boringly but essentially you need to consider the budget you have; more informal parties (like Christmas parties or summer parties) tend to be less expensive per person as standing you can accommodate higher numbers for a fixed exclusive hire and more informal food is less expensive.

2. Food

People always remember the food (especially a private dining experience). Talking to event organisers on a daily basis, this is a comment we regularly hear and for a party-style event can often be overlooked. Food is no longer a functional part of the event to ensure guests aren’t hungry; food has become part of the styling and entertainment of an event. The rise of food stations, interactive service and quirky canapé trays are all used to delight guests and make an event in itself of the food. Again, the question is what kind of impact do you want to make with the food? Are your guests avid foodies or is a simple but stylish food offering what will suit the audience’s private dining preferences? Providing the perfect menu will satisfy your guests a lot more than you think. 

There are lots of ways with simple or more sophisticated menus, to add some theatre to your event. Food stations still offer the best opportunity to style or theme an event in terms of food. These can be put together for guests to graze over and just replenished when needed or can be a fully interactive station with chefs serving and chatting with the guests about the food and options. Both will offer focal points during the event, as well as colour and styling around the room without having to invest in grand floral displays or the like.

3. Entertainment, Styling and Design

A great event space, delicious exciting food and lovely drinks are a great basis for an excellent party, but there are additional elements that will take it from excellent to exceptional! These finer touches include entertainment, for which there are a huge variety of options from some great agencies whose whole job is to scout out the best new and exciting talent to enchant your guests. 

Again, the question is, what will impress your guests? Who are the audience, and what might they have seen before? If it’s a special occasion and you have chosen a birthday party venue, then how will you make it unique? Similarly, there are some companies dedicated to styling and design for events. These companies can help you bring a certain theme or look and feel you are going for at your event. Have a chat with them about what you are looking to achieve, or if you aren’t sure what will work, they can give you some great options to pick from that they know have worked well in the space in the past. Bringing these elements to your event doesn’t have to be super expensive, just talk to the experts about what you want to spend, and they will come up with some inspirational ideas for you.

4. Location

Get an excellent location for your event. It sounds like the simplest thing to say, but it helps everyone getting to the party and getting home if you are somewhere easy for people to find and close to transport and accommodation. It is tricky when you struggle to find a location that you are going to for an event; it doesn’t ever put your guests in the right frame of mind from when they start which will only impact on their overall enjoyment of the event. If you decide on an event space that is a bit tricky to find, send out some details to your guests to help them find their way. This could be in a fun, colourful guide that they can easily bring with them and pop in handbags, so it isn’t forgotten. 

It is also worth checking on sat nav and Google Maps when you put in the postcode where it is going to lead your guests – sometimes this can be a bit off, and they may then struggle to find the private entrance. If you are having a great party, guests might want to make an occasion of it and stay overnight somewhere, saving that worry or stress of getting home late at night (especially the case if your party is in Central London). Most venues that are for hire in London have some relationships with local hotels where guests attending events at the venue get a special rate for hotel rooms. It is definitely worth asking and then passing on to your guests to make it super easy for them. At Tower Bridge, we are conveniently by Tower Hill tube station providing the perfect location for your next event.

5. Getting Your Guests There

Lastly, you might want to consider getting your guests to the party. This can be an extension of your event and again help with the above location if it is a little out of the way. There are amazing double-decker party buses that are available to hire in London to move guests around and start the event as soon as they are picked up. Another great alternative are boats (especially for birthdays), again which are available for private hire and include a bar and nibbles, so the journeying to the venue is as much a part of the event as once they get to the birthday party venue.

Our Party Venue in London

Tower Bridge is one of the most desired party venues for exclusive hire in Central London. Our expert team have years of experience with organising parties at our venue, so you can rest assured knowing you’re in the right hands. If you would like to talk to us about our party venue in London (which can also be used for an awards ceremony, wedding ceremony, corporate event, private dinner event and much more), please get in touch today. Call us on 020 7407 9222 or email towerbridge@seasonedevents.co.uk.