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Five Top Tips For a Great Proposal

Having planned over 100 marriage proposals together, we got our official proposal partner, Daisy Amodio, Founder of The Proposers, to give her top tips for proposing at the iconic Tower Bridge.


Planning a Proposal at Tower Bridge



It’s important to think about your special moment and whether you want to propose in front of others or in a totally private setting. Of course, either is fine; just make sure you opt for the one your partner will feel most comfortable with! If your partner is shy, then a flash mob proposal is probably not going to be for you. From experience, we find that most people want their proposal spot in a private location so that they can share the moment with just their partner, rather than amongst the bustling crowds of London.


If private is the option for you, then did you know that you can rent one of the Walkways at the top of Tower Bridge which is a perfect place to propose? Proposing on the Walkway in private gives you a lot more options for customisation; we can decorate it to include personalised items for you and your partner. That’s what makes it our most popular option for Tower Bridge proposals, and the one we recommend most to our clients when they are thinking about proposal ideas.



There are many ways to make your proposal personalised and extra special. You can add photos of your time together, canvases with personalised quotes, or if your partner’s favourite colour is red, you could get a few bunches of long-stemmed red roses and use them to spell out “Will you marry me?”


You could also use details from your relationship, like what you did on your first date? Or if you love travelling together, then show the different locations you’ve visited together with globes, maps or food and wine from the countries. Whatever you decide,  make sure you add special personalised touches to your proposal to show your loved one that you care. These are the touchpoints that will make your proposal more memorable.



A proposal is actually very overwhelming, and half of the time the couple can’t remember exactly what happened or how they reacted. I always recommend capturing the moment on camera either on photo or video, or even both. Around 80% of proposals we’ve done have had a photographer and/or videographer.


If you do have the budget, I would definitely recommend a professional photographer to capture your moment as they know where to position themselves to get the right angles and how to get the best lighting for your shots. You only get one chance to get the photos after all, so why not make them as extra special as possible? Plus, people always want to know how you popped the question;  having photos or videos will save all of the awkward conversations trying to explain exactly how you did it!



I often get asked whether you should have your friends and family at the proposal or not – it’s an interesting one and definitely not for everyone. I would personally recommend it being a private event between the both of you as a couple. It’s about your relationship and you moving forward into the future, and as much as a family is involved in that, it should be you two at the proposal. But if that is something you want, then it can easily be catered for. Quite often we do the proposal in private and then bring the glasses of Champagne and friends and family in afterwards. Tower Bridge makes for a great place for this as we can hide the family behind the curtain and bring them all out as soon as you’ve had time to celebrate the ‘yes’ together.



You can leave the idea for the surprise to us if you like, but we’ve done everything from fake pop-up bars to competition ticket wins to fake visits to the toilet. But the one thing we always say is to tell your partner you’re booked in for a meal at a fancy restaurant on the South Bank so that they get themselves dressed up for the London proposal. If you have photos being taken then believe us, your partner will want to be dressed in their best outfit. Luckily Tower Bridge is a regular stop-off when you’re in London, especially if you tell them that you’ve managed to get exclusive after-hours tickets with private dining and a bottle of Champagne.



Time can often be a huge factor in planning the perfect proposal in London. We know how it is…you work all day, how do you deal with getting it all planned? You’ve got to consider the photos, flowers, personalised items, the venue and the best time to propose. It can all add up to be very time-consuming. Well luckily there’s such thing as a proposal planner, and The Proposers are the best in the business. We have great relationships with suppliers, have props ready to go and know all of the best people to help with your proposal, whether it’s musicians, photographers or balloon suppliers. As our slogan says, “we do the planning, you pop the question.”



The proposal in London is over; your partner said yes… now what? We always recommend booking yourself a table at a great restaurant, visiting the theatre, taking in the skyline from the London Eye or getting yourself a room at a spa hotel. With Tower Bridge being in the centre of London, and only a short walk or cab ride from some of the best romantic restaurants such as the Clos Maggiore, it makes for the perfect location as a stop-off on the bank of the River Thames on your way to your celebrations. Your partner shouldn’t suspect a thing either if you do it right.


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