Have you been invited to a London wedding to be held within an amazing London wedding venue? Here are 10 top tips to making the most of it as a guest. - Tower Bridge Events

Have you been invited to a London wedding to be held within an amazing London wedding venue? Here are 10 top tips to making the most of it as a guest.

There are some wedding invitations that are super exciting to receive whether it is a great friend, a fun couple or it could also be the chance to celebrate at a great London wedding venue. There are so many quirky and different spaces to host a wedding so hopefully you will get to experience a whole range of places, but how do you make the most of it as a guest?

  1. If you can stay somewhere nearby the wedding celebration, it will make it easier to get around and you will have a more enjoyable time. London is fairly easy to get around on public transport but also there are plenty of taxis around, but nothing is as simple as being able to walk to where you need to go. If there are others that you know are going to the wedding it can always be fun to all stay at the same place and enjoy the build-up and day itself together.


  1. If commitments allow, arrive a day early. It doesn’t matter where anyone is getting married, as a guest having an extra day / night before saves on rushing around the day of the wedding, trying to check in early to the hotel and stressing about traffic and trains. It will also give you a chance to spend some time exploring where you are rather than just shuffling between your hotel and the wedding and reception venues. If you treat it like a mini break you will be totally relaxed and enjoy the whole event even more.


  1. On the day of the wedding, make sure you have a really big breakfast, brunch or an early lunch. Often people think that because the wedding is at 2.30pm you are going to be eating early and don’t bother with food making them super hungry by the time it actually gets to the service of the meal. If the wedding is at 2.30pm you aren’t likely to be eating any time much before 6.00pm, so just be prepared. Also there is often fairly free flowing drinks for a couple of hours before the meal so it is always advisable to not be totally famished during that.


  1. Take your time to explore the venue during the drinks reception. If it is being hosted at a different and unique venue then take the chance to have a look around. These may well be spaces that aren’t open to the public so you are getting a rare view and opportunity to experience and enjoy them. Alternatively, they may be open to the pubic but you are getting to experience a private view with the other wedding guests. There may be something of particular interest, like at Tower Bridge, the spectacular views across London from the Walkways https://towerbridgeevents.co.uk/venue/walkways/.


  1. If you like to take pictures at events and the places that you go, have a look online before you go to the wedding and see if there are some interesting or fun set ups and shoots you could copy when you get to the venue. There might be some quirky angles and locations around the venue that give you a great selfie. Do also look on social media for ideas. At Tower Bridge we have some great day visitor pictures over the glass floor looking down on the road below for some totally unique selfies.


  1. So much thought goes into planning a wedding day, so do take time as a guest to enjoy the personal details and finer touches that represent the couple and their relationship. Also take some time to enjoy any entertainment that the couple have arranged whether that is some musical entertainment, wandering entertainment or perhaps a photo booth or similar, these can be great fun and if you don’t know many people at the wedding, are a great talking point.


  1. We would really recommend that you arrange a gift for the couple before and don’t bring it on the day of the wedding itself. Having to carry this from home, in the car or on a train to where you are staying and then to the wedding, can be a bit of a mission and often makes that beautifully wrapped present look a little tatty. Also the couple won’t want lots of extra things to carry away at the end of the night, keep it simple and they can enjoy their gift at home after the big day. The simplest thing is to stick to the list if they have one.


  1. If you are planning on wearing some glamorous and amazing heels for the wedding, just check you can manage 10 hours in them. A wedding day is a long day and while we all want to look lovely and elegant on arrival at 2.30pm, by 10pm that night after some dancing, you feet might not thank you for it. You can always take a second pair of shoes though for later and just sneak those on when the dancing starts. Most venues will have a cloakroom where you can pop these so you don’t have to carry them around all day.


  1. You will know for yourself and your group of friends attending the wedding, but sometimes the end of the wedding event can come too early for some of the keenest wedding guests, so having a hotel bar or local bar that people can go onto is a great idea. Even better if it is planned in advance so people know what the plan is. If a group of you are staying at the same hotel this can be an obvious choice, or there is somewhere very nearby the reception venue. You can always call the events team at the venue your friends are celebrating at and ask them for recommendations.


  1. As with the idea of arriving early, if you can, stay another day after the wedding to a have a chance to let you recover from the long day and give you another chance to explore the area you have come to. There maybe a few people doing the same thing and this will give you a chance to properly catch up as weddings can be a bit full on through the day.


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