Hosting your event at Tower Bridge - Tower Bridge Events

Hosting your event at Tower Bridge

  1. Pick your perfect space – Tower Bridge offers three spaces in which to hold events, making it a very flexible event venue in London. The Walkways, across the top of the bridge, are an evening event space with magnificent views across London; the Engine Rooms, another evening space, allow guests to see the historic workings and power behind the bridge, and the North Tower Lounge is available both in the day and evening for smaller meetings, receptions and dinners. With all these spaces we can accommodate such a diverse mix of events and they can also be used in conjunction with each other to maximise the experience of Tower Bridge.

  2. Pick your style of event – each space has the flexibility to accommodate a variety of styles of evening event. Would you prefer a more formal dining event which could be either seated on long tables down the Walkways or in the Engine Rooms, or round tables scattered around both spaces? Or would you like something more informal like a reception with tray-served drinks and food? This informal party food comes in many options from hot bowls of food to delicate canapé bites, and designed and styled food stations. Once you know the feel of the event, you can start to build the finer details of the event.

  3. What is going to be the first impression? – as guests arrive what will they be welcomed with? There are a couple of elements to this, are you going to have some hostess staff to welcome guests as they arrive? This can be a lovely touch to have your guests enjoy a friendly and personal welcome. There are many opportunities for branding at Tower Bridge including various screens as guests arrive, bringing in branded pop-up banners or using the diamond shaped information sites along the Walkways which specially made Foamex branded boards can be slotted into.

  4. The first refreshment – once guests have got to the venue the first thing they will look for is some refreshment. We have seen a whole host of first drinks but some that have really gone down well have been specially designed cocktails bespoke to the company or individual hosting the event, any British classics which can be enjoyed overlooking one of the best views of London, or our gin and rum stations giving guests an interactive experience and a great choice of drinks and mixers.

  5. Lighting your event – the Walkways have a fantastic inbuilt lighting system which can be programmed to any colour you want, whether a corporate or a favourite colour, else choose the blues and the purples as they always look amazing. In the Engine Rooms and North Tower Lounge some very simple uplighting, which again can be programmed to different colours, really highlights the features and displays in each of the rooms, bringing the spaces to life.

  6. Styling and design – how are you going to bring your event to life? There are some amazing styles you can go for at Tower Bridge. Each of the spaces have their own character but they can easily be adapted to accommodate a theme. Whether you are looking to stage a masked ball or simply want a chic lounge vibe, we can achieve them both. Furniture, table design and bar areas, along with the lighting, can make a dramatic difference in any space to ensure your guests get the exact impression you want when they enter the room.

  7. The style and design can be further enhanced with some entertainment. Roaming entertainment works brilliantly at Tower Bridge as guests often take a good look around to see all the interesting exhibits and views. There are some great entertainment companies out there that can give you the newest and most exciting entertainment ideas. They can advise you what would work best for your event whether that is a dance act, a brand new magician act or mind reader! All of our amazing approved suppliers know the spaces and can always recommend something great for you.

  8. Food – there are so many options for the food you serve at an event: Tower Bridge can do them all. We have hosted dinners cooked by a two Michelin-starred chef, amazing dinners on long tables in the Walkways and delicious sharing dinners in the intimate North Tower Lounge. If a seated dinner is not for you and your event, we can do beautiful themed food stations manned by our chefs in the Engine Rooms around the amazing displays, delicate canapés and champagne for a pre-dinner drinks reception or a sugar rush doughnut wall with the London skyline as the background. Whatever your vision, we can always find a solution for you.

  9. Drinks – what are you going to provide for your guests? We can arrange some professional cocktail makers to entertain your guests with all the flare and excitement of live cocktail making while also producing some delicious cocktails. Perhaps we could design a cocktail just for your event? Maybe some bubbles with lovely fruit purées making tasty but also colourful drinks, or for an extra special fizz we can add candy floss! We have some delicious wines which we will circulate around your guests, as well as some great bar classics like gin and tonic and interesting mocktails. Whatever you want to serve, we can ensure your guests aren’t ever without a drink.

  10. Lasting impression – so how can you leave your guests with a great lasting impression of your event? With an event at Tower Bridge they will be leaving and crossing one of the most romantic, landmark bridges in the world, so this alone should leave a lasting memory. However you could also choose a lovely memento of their visit from the Tower Bridge shop for them to keep like a metal sculpture of the bridge or even a seasonal Christmas decoration.