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How To Promote Your Event in London – Free Top 10 Tips

1. Blog posts

Why not produce a blog to sit on your website but that can be pushed out over social media to reach a large audience and drive traffic to your website? Don’t forget to have a grabbing title that is going to want to make people click through and find out more. Focus on why people might want to go to the event, what is going to be in it for them? If you can answer that in the heading then you might just get a few people sign up and visit your website that way. In the blog itself again expand on what they can get from the event whether that is knowledge, experience, innovation, networking or the chance for something free. Another aspect you could include in this blog is any follow up afterwards that might be future events that could do following on from this or other events you host.

2. Email marketing

As an organisation you are likely to already have emails going out about your services to your database of customers and also internally to your staff. This is an opportunity to add information about the event you are putting on and to get the message out. Whether they are your direct audience or not it will raise the profile of the event. Often overlooked is highlighting events internally so that they can help spread the word of what is happening and what you are planning to put on. Clearly a database of people that have attended your events previously is going to be a powerful tool for marketing this event if the topic or nature of it is similar to the last.

3. Email signatures

This is a very simple way of getting a message out to everyone that you are already communicating with. If you can arrange this across your organisation there may be departments that email clients you would never have access too but might be suitable for the event you are arranging, at the least it will highlight that the business puts in various events and so profile raises the service. The signature banner needs to be visually engaging and have a simple message that will hook potential clients to want to investigate further to find out more information. This can then click through to your event page on your website with further details and insights as to why this would be a beneficial event for them to attend.

4. Social media

This is an easy way to reach numerous people but again the information needs to be instantly engaging and attractive for people to stop and ready. There are so many different social media platforms all with different target audiences so one message across all is not going to work but will need to be adapted to suit each particular platform. If you have some strong social media influences as friends or colleagues, ask them to send on your post to get even better coverage for the event. Scheduling the posts so that they are being received at times that your potential clients will be looking is key and also keeping up a campaign of awareness without the message being seen too many times and therefore ignored. This should only be engaging enough to get people to click through to the website for more details so don’t think you need to do the impossible and describe all the wonderful things about the event in just those limited characters.

5. Event page

You will need to have an event page on your website where all the information can be found about the event. This is where all of the other activity will be pointing when they click through. The page doesn’t need to be too complicated but should have enough information about the reasons why this is an event that they want or need to attend, all the unique selling points and benefits to them. Alongside that this needs to include the practical information about when, where, how to get there, expected timings and similar. Most importantly is to have contact details for any questions and a simple sign up process for them to confirm their attendance.

6. Previous event

Why not use the captive audience from your last event for your next event? Whether you are doing an annual event or a series of events, if you have the next event planned you can start to promote to those attending your prior event. This could take a few different forms including some branding in the form of a pop up banner with details, a leaflet given to guests at the day or as they leave or it could be part of some closing remarks to the data conference to excite attendees about the next instalment or other areas you are covering. During any refreshment times over the day would also be a time to network with attendees and canvas feedback about the current event and highlight the next that you have coming up. If it is a paid for event then you could offer an on the day booking incentive to kick start your forward sales.

7. Networks

Getting out and talking to people about the event can help spread awareness and increase attendance. There are a wealthy of local networking groups in every area, from the Chamber of Commerce, BID and other organisations formed to promote local business connections and relationships. There are usually regular networking opportunities where you can meet new people and talk about what you do, many are free or may have a small price to attend their events. The focus of these groups is to help support all local business so even if a person spoken to at that event isn’t directly going to be of benefit, they might attend their next networking event and identify you as a good contact from someone else they meet.

8. Utilise listing sites

You are likely to have a number of paid for or free listing sites that you as a business are on. These can be another place to use to promote your event. They might have special sections on their sites that you can add upcoming events or news and this is the ideal content that they will be looking for as well. If they don’t have special areas you can always approach them about including your event in any social media they are sending out, if you have a good relationship with them they may well do this for you. The details of the event at the least can be added to your profile page with all the other information that you and the services that you provide.

9. Podcast

People’s voices and conversation are so often more persuasive than black and white copy on the page. The expressive positive words come to life and potential attendees are more like to buy into the concept. So arranging a podcast explaining about the event and what is in it for them to attend can be a strong tool. The podcast might take the format of an interview about the event, it might be a few key selling points about attending or it could include feedback from attendees from previous events about how beneficial they found the event. This can then be posted on all of the above social media, website page, listing sites and sent out to any influences internally and externally to your business that might help increase the spread of the awareness about the event.

10. Phone calls

Perhaps considered ‘old fashioned’ this is going back to basics, but it is often the basics that work. Setting some daily call targets for your team to be calling past attendees, those that have expressed an interest previously or potential attendees will give your team a chance to explain the benefits of attending the event directly with them which will give you best possible chase to answer any objections and persuade them that this is an advantageous event to attend. It might be worth including an booking incentive should they book then and there on the call with your team adding a little urgency to the decision and getting the attendee locked in then and there.