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How To Stay Organised With Your Wedding Plans at Tower Bridge

We have many tips to help our couples who often ask about – how to organise my wedding – we hope these ideas help!!!

What timings do you want? Tower Bridge is an amazing and iconic tourist attraction which makes it all the more special as a wedding venue because it isn’t available all the time. We have three fantastic spaces available, two are available from 6.30pm or 7.00pm and one throughout the day, as well as evening. So this will help influence which space is right for you but you can use them in conjunction with each other to fully experience Tower Bridge for your wedding day and party.

How many people are you inviting? Our spaces can hold from 10 to 250 guests, so the numbers you would like to invite will impact the use of the venue and the spaces. Just talk to us about the numbers you are thinking and we can advise what would work best.

What is your theme or colour scheme? This is a great place to start when looking at all those fun things like flowers, table design, favours and the tailoring of the day around the two of you. A theme can not only be bought out through the styling in the room and on the tables but also through the food and drinks. A tailored dish on your menu and subtle use of ingredients which fit that brief, just further bespoke your guests’ experience of your day. Colours can also be used in the food and drinks, particularly in the linens, plates, glassware, canapé trays, flowers on the plates and in many other ways.

How do you want to entertain your guests? During the reception drinks and photos do you want to have something in the background to create a certain atmosphere? Traditionally this has often been a string quartet or a harpist but what is your favourite music or instrument? Why not introduce that at this time? A simple selection of background music played through the in-house music system can be a cost effective solution, or if you wanted to further enhance a theme, you could hire a band which evokes the atmosphere of your chosen theme.

What feel do you want in terms of food service? Depending on the style of event you are looking to create, there are so many menu ideas that can help support that. A beautiful three-course menu has been a traditional choice for some time but there has definitely been a shift to some more informal and interactive food services, to a greater or lesser extent. The introduction of dessert stations, allowing guests to get up and mingle in the last part of the meal, has proved very popular. Similarly at the start of the meal, sharing starters served family-style in the middle of the table encourage guests to chat if they don’t already know each other.

What do you want to do about drinks? There are many ways to arrange the drinks for your guests and it all comes down to what you would like to provide for them. We have great value unlimited drinks packages which allow your guests to drink what they like of the pre agreed drinks available at the bar: a lovely treat for your guests. Alternatively you can provide some drinks for your guests and then switch to a cash bar, where guests can choose what they would like and settle up for it themselves.

How would you work out your table plan if you go for a formal seated wedding breakfast? This can be a very tricky one, someone doesn’t like someone else and you are worried that this friend won’t get on with that friend. If you are planning to mix people up, start with a fun sociable couple or a few people that you know, as this will encourage the conversation and keep things flowing (you can even tell them you have done it before the day because everyone loves a compliment and the feelings that they can help and support you on the day will definitely make them feel part of it all). Then work around the tables putting a mixture of different personalities on each; they aren’t going to be there all night, so don’t worry too much especially as everyone is there to celebrate your day, so they will always have something in common.

Where are your guests going to stay? Steering people in the right direction about places to stay can always be helpful, but your venue can provide you with that information and any special rates they can offer your guests, so just send it on. In the world of such easy online hotel and accommodation booking, your friends and family will be more than capable of finding somewhere that suits their needs, so leave it to them.

Where are you going to have your photos taken? It is definitely worth a visit to the venue with your photographer prior to the day. You can then all look around and find the ideal places for your romantic couple pictures and your large group photos. If the photographer has worked there before they might have some ideas, but make sure the background works for you; each wedding is individual and the photos should represent that. At Tower Bridge you will have the very exclusive opportunity to have pictures take on the balcony at the top of one of the towers, looking down on the Bridge in the background. This space is not available to the public so is a very unique photo opportunity.

What favours will fit with the theme of Tower Bridge? Favours are a bit of fun, a little memento of a day that your guests have enjoyed with you both. It should represent you but when holding a wedding at such an iconic venue as Tower Bridge you could also tie it in with the Bridge as well. There are lovely miniatures of the Bridge which you can personalise with an engraving of your name and the date of your wedding. Only one idea but there are plenty more …

We hope these are a few helpful hints to organise your wedding at Tower Bridge, but they can also be used for any other venues.