Is it harder to arrange an event at a unique venue? - Tower Bridge Events

Is it harder to arrange an event at a unique venue?

The answer is no, although it might seem a little more daunting, it is just as easy as anywhere else. These unique venues that usually have a daytime purpose that isn’t events are often open to the public during the day and it is only once those daytime visitors have left that the space is transformed into an evening dining or party space.

This turnaround time can often worry clients and make them feel that there is not enough time to set up for a large event but these venues plus all their suppliers do this day in day out and so can absolutely ensure that everything is in place as if they had half a day to set up.

The key to a stress-free event whether at a unique venue that is turning around from a daytime visitor attraction or not, is to lean on the experts and be guided by them. The venues have done this many times before and know how to get to the result for your event in the smoothest possible way, and if there are some elements that aren’t achievable, they know the alternatives to recommend.

The same is true of the event suppliers as well. They work in these kinds of venues weekly and know the challenges but most importantly how to get around those and produce the event that you ideally want. They will be full of suggestions that they know work well and can easily be achieved in the set-up timescale they have. Just tell them what you want your event to look and feel like and they can advise how to make that happen.

The same is true about the end of the evening and get out times. This isn’t something you need to worry about, the suppliers for your venue know very well how much time they must vacate the building and will have allowed for that in their quote to you. Therefore, it is so important to use the venues recommended suppliers and why this is often compulsory.

At Tower Bridge, we have years of experience producing amazing events in each of our event spaces all with the best suppliers in the industry, so you always have an easy and hassle-free event.