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Things to Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

There are many things to consider when you are looking for that perfect wedding venue which is going to be ideal for your wedding day. Below are just a few hints to help you start your search and pick the best one for you.


Ceremony and Reception

From the start, it is very important to work out whether you are looking for a venue where you can have the wedding ceremony and the reception party or just one or the other. Only some event venues have licences to be able to actually undertake the wedding itself. It is vital before you go ahead and book the venue that you have spoken to the local registrar to ensure that they are available on the date and time that you want the ceremony.


If you are just looking for the wedding reception space, then there is no need to worry as the majority of party venues will be able to host this part of your day. If you are looking to hold your whole day at the venue, you need to understand how the spaces will flow for the ceremony, cocktails and drinks, and then if you are having a seated meal. Some London venues will use the same area for the ceremony as for the dining element, which is fine as they will have plenty of time to turn the room around as you enjoy drinks, canapés and have photographs taken.



What location would work for you to get married in? Are you looking to follow tradition and get married where the bride was bought up or is there somewhere that means a lot to both of you, and you would like that to be the location of your amazing day? It might be worth thinking about where everyone will be coming from to your wedding. Although your friends and family will go wherever you want them to go, perhaps there are those that are less able to travel great distances so would be worth considering. Once you have an area, it will be easier to focus down the search, make venue lists and then start your venue search. It’s better to do this sooner rather than later if you are looking to hire in London.



Most wedding venues will have either their own accommodation on-site or have some relationships with local hotels or accommodation solutions. Airbnb have made it easier still for your guests to find somewhere appropriate for them to stay for your wedding, but it is always handy to steer people in the right direction as they may not know the area that you have chosen for your celebrations (especially if you have chosen a wedding venue in London). Most importantly, though is that you have somewhere to stay that night that will be special and a treat for you both. If you are far from home, then this might be a base for you the day leading up to your wedding, so you will get lots of use and time spent there to enjoy it. If it is just for your wedding night, then do consider that you are likely to be there only for a few hours, so maybe save your time and money for something even more special on your honeymoon when you will get to totally enjoy it.



Depending again on what your arrangements are for the day, you might want to provide some transport to get people from the ceremony location to the reception venue. There are many great options out there which include themed buses, ones you can enjoy drinks on, so making it part of the drinks reception time or a simple taxi service. This works well if most people are staying in one location or very near each other and then the transport can make one or two stops to cover all at the end of the night. However, it does get tricky if you have people scattered over an area which is normally the case with weddings in central London. If there is a local taxi service, then people are happy enough to make their own arrangements and will often tag up with others they know coming to the wedding to share transport and locations to stay.



It is good to get an understanding of how the venues work in terms of wedding receptions and suppliers. Some will have lists of suppliers that they know and trust and are, therefore, the only ones that can work in their spaces. This means you know you will be getting a great service from them because they are being recommended by the venue themselves. Do talk to a few of them; they will all be in competition to get your business so will usually be very helpful and try and give you the best deal. Other venues just allow you to bring in anyone you like. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can always ask the venue who they have seen working in the hire space before, because at least they will understand the space and recommend what works at the venue. If the supplier hasn’t worked at the venue before, do ensure that they go to the hire space or do a few site visits before the day and understand how they will be working there, so the day runs as smoothly as possible.


Style of Your Wedding Day

The event venue you choose for your day will depend hugely on the look and feel you want for your wedding. If you want a fairytale princess wedding, you are going to be looking at a different space to someone wanting an ultra-modern, low-key wedding day or outdoor space. However, don’t be too quick to judge a venue as many can be transformed with just a few touches on the lighting, styling and design, so don’t rule it out until you have spoken to the team that work at the venue to give you their tips and ideas on how the venue can look just how you want it. Everything will contribute to the style of your day; including what the bride and groom are wearing, the invitation style, the dinner and dancing, the drinks, the linen, the table centres, the favours… Every small detail will combine to bring you your theme, so it won’t just be that venue that will lead your guests’ impressions on the type of wedding you are putting on.


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