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Things To Do Before Christmas to Plan Your 2020 Conference

Firm Up Your Date

Even though next year feels like a million days away, it will be here sooner than you think and when the haze of the festive season clears in about mid-January, you will find that the year is fully in swing and key dates have gone at the exciting venues out there. The conference and Christmas party venues in London are often booked, for larger numbers, a year in advance. However, even for the smaller numbers, we are finding bookings coming in a good six months before their actual event. There are often a wealth of things that have to be considered to get the right date, speaker availability, key attendees’ diaries and if there are other things happening near that date that might damage your chances of getting great general attendee levels. These factors can be other exclusive Christmas events being hosted by a similar industry, exhibitions or exclusive parties happening in another part of the country, holiday periods where people are likely to be off or a particularly busy period at work for your own sector. The sooner you can firm up a date, or selection of dates are even better, you will be able to actually start the planning process.


Book Your Speakers

These can often be pivotal to the success of an exclusive Christmas event. If you have a target topic and audience for your event, picking the most intriguing guest to speak at it will put your event above others on the priority of attending. Famous speakers are usually popular, and that may not be to talk about your industry or direct experience with it. Still, many do great motivational talks and personal interest pieces that will engage your delegates in a different way to break up the day of industry-led discussions. The famous speakers can be costly though because if you are going to do it, you want it to be good and not someone that people aren’t actually sure who they are. So, if you are getting industry professionals to present at your conference event, look at a dynamic of different personalities, stances and approaches as this will keep the sessions lively.


Work Out The Format Of The Day

Once you have an idea of the content and structure of the day, you can really start planning the ins and outs of the conference. Depending on your speaker’s availability and any activities that you need included in the day, these will start to shape the day. Usually, guests will arrive to some refreshments, whether that is a full-on breakfast, afternoon tea and coffee or Christmas dinner. It is always good to let people know what they are going to expect from their day in terms of refreshments so that they can plan to get something themselves if food isn’t going to be available. There are some great healthy and energy-boosting options for breakfasts and breaks, which ensure that your delegates’ attention is firmly on the speakers and activities you have planned. You might like to include an activity during your day, whether that is just something like a round table discussion which encourages delegates to think and discuss the topics of the day, or a social treasure hunt around the local area to give them something completely different to do (there are some great team-building companies out there that can design something just for you to make it even more personal).


Research Accommodation

You are likely to have some guests that will be staying over, and although you may or may not be having to make the booking arrangements, it is always very helpful to be able to offer a list of accommodation in the City of London to attendees. Have a range of options available as some will want simple and more affordable and others something a little fancier. The venues can help you out with this as well; often they will have an agreement in place with local hotels to offer you a preferential rate if you are booking the venue, so it is always worth taking advantage of these.



Book The Venue

Once you have the fundamentals of the day arranged, then it is going to be a good idea to get on and look into the venue hire. There are always some fairly busy times for conferencing and party venues, and hotels do tend to get booked up quickly. If you have your venue booked by the time we all break up for Christmas, it will all feel a lot easier when you come back in January. At this stage, you should only need to sign the contract and pay a deposit, so the remaining balance will come in the New Year. Then you will also find that you are dealing with the operations team that are going to be running your event, which means you can start to build that relationship with them and get them to understand what the vision is for your event. They will usually have some great advice on things that would work particularly well in the venue to further enhance your event and your guests’ experience.


Finalise Your Guest List

One of the hardest jobs of all is selecting and then getting commitment from your attendees. If you have that venue booked then why not get the date and location out to your guests? Trying to ensure you get the best pick-up from attendees for an event can be hard, but if you are first in, you are more likely to get a positive response. Many delegates probably haven’t thought about conferencing plans for next year, so if they see you are one step ahead of the game, then you might just get an even higher level of responses and attendees.


Whatever events you are looking to put on next year, make sure you are ahead of the game and get the venue and suppliers you want to have a fantastic London Christmas conference.


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