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Tower Bridge – A unique venue

As the only bridge in the world that can host events within it, Tower Bridge is a unique venue that boasts more than just its iconic presence as one of the world’s most prominent landmarks. Be it in films, advertising campaigns or merely a postcard, at first glance one would think of the two Walkways being the obvious space to hold an event. However Tower Bridge has more versatility than meets the eye. In the middle of the North Tower we have a great meeting and event space which is available all day including the evenings. This has become popular for conferences and meetings for up to 40 guests seated or 50 standing.

Additionally, as part of your hire, you get access to the exhibition and all the exciting spaces that you would normally need a ticket for, which is a great way to break up the day and re-energise your delegates.

There is always delicious food on offer, whether you are after a healthy or a hearty breakfast, hot lunches or evening canapés and dinners, we have a selection of options and provide a bespoke menu upon request, to suit your event.

This unique venue will really impress your guests – not many people get to host their meeting on Tower Bridge and enjoy the iconic attraction in such a versatile space.