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What Are The Best Wedding Dates in London in 2019 To Get Married?

Everyone has their own lucky numbers, so why not pick a date for your big day that aligns with your lucky number or numbers? The date will be shown on invitations, orders of service, menus, photobooks and often on gifts that you receive. Think about how the date will look set out in figures as well as the month in letters. If you are thinking about a Saturday, you can pick the day when your lucky number is a Saturday.

Memorable wedding dates

An interesting date this year and one for fans of 9 or 19 is Saturday 19.10.19. If you are flexible on the day of the week, you can make so many different combinations of numbers and dates 08.08.19 or 12.12.19. It is a date that you will remember for the rest of your lives, so tying it in with a lucky number will make sure it is etched even more firmly into your mind.

Perhaps you can combine both of your lucky numbers into the date to make it extra especially lucky?

Chinese zodiac wedding dates

What are the auspicious dates in 2019 to get married? In Chinese culture they use the Chinese Farmer’s Calendar which publishes the auspicious dates through the year. These are seen to be lucky wedding dates and believed to bring happiness, harmony and wealth bought by the lucky date you choose. However, for each of the dates that they give, there is a Chinese Zodiac that you should avoid as they are seen to bring bad luck. Looking at the last few months of this year, the auspicious dates that fall on Saturdays are below along with the Zodiac sign that should avoid that date.

Chinese zodiac dates to avoid

  • 7th September (bad for Ox),
  • 28th September (bad for Dog),
  • 12th October (bad for Rat),
  • 26th October (bad for Tiger),
  • 2nd November (bad for Rooster)
  • 23rd November (bad for Horse)

This might give you some ideas of dates to consider but there are many more auspicious dates that aren’t Saturdays; so if you are flexible on your day, you have many more options to choose from.

Major sporting events

If you are huge sports or event fans, you might want to tie that into your special day and have your wedding on the day that it is happening. As an example, you might be a massive horse racing fan and decide to hold your wedding on Gold Cup day at Cheltenham, so you and your guests can enjoy the race together. This could also be incorporated into the theme of the day with race course table names, horse or Cup related favours, garlands and even a racing based sweepstake. It can be quite fun and your special day will stick out even more in people’s memories when you have something a little out of the ordinary on your day. While the sporting event is happening, you can always ask your caterers to produce themed food and drink to complement the entertainment. Perhaps as a Wimbledon fan you might like to have Pimm’s and strawberries available?

Bank Holiday weekends

You could consider getting married on one of the Bank Holiday weekends in May or the one in August to extend the party. If you are thinking of a country house party weekend for you and your guests, this would give a great opportunity for everyone to relax and enjoy the whole weekend, rather than rushing off early on Sunday as usual. You could have a lovely family meal on Friday evening as people travel to get to the venue, followed by a wonderful Saturday ceremony and reception, then Sunday perhaps a barbecue if it’s held in the summer, or a lovely buffet lunch to extend the celebrations and opportunity for everyone to catch up. This way, your guests still have Monday to recover and get themselves home and ready for their working weeks. So often weddings are getting friends and family together who don’t see each other as often as they would like; most people would like more than just the wedding day to get the chance to have meaningful catch-ups with the other guests. If guests are travelling a bit of a distance to join you, it also gives them the chance to make a long weekend of it and enjoy the local area and sites that there might be available to see.

Easy to remember

In case you are someone that doesn’t find it easy to remember dates, why not choose a date that is easier to remember? Round numbers like 10th, 20th, 30th are easier to remember and will stand out both for guests and the couple going forward for anniversaries. Another easy date to remember would be the 1st of the month. This may seem a random way to select your ideal date for your wedding but with so much going on in our lives these days, an easy way to remember your anniversary is no bad thing.

You could pick a date that means something to you. This could be the date that you first met, when you had your first date, or perhaps the same date that you got engaged. There will be many calendar dates that will mean something to you as a couple, key moments in your relationship and journey to your wedding day. This can often add a lovely personal touch to your day and in particular, will give the groom some great stories for his speech. This could also be bought into the day if there was a theme or a place where this special date took place which could be personalised for your day. This could be a subtle hint towards it or the basis of the whole theme of the day. Guests will really enjoy being bought into the stories and tales of how you got from your first meeting to your wedding day, and ultimately understand your relationship even more.

Consider weekdays

There are days of the week that are more often selected for wedding day celebrations than others; traditionally Saturdays and Sundays. These are naturally a wedding venue’s premium  days and therefore ones that are likely to not have any flexibility on the rack rates they have in place (unless it is short lead, which would be within about six months of the date you are looking for). If you need a little flexibility to get that perfect venue that you have your heart set on, consider another day of the week. As you get earlier in the week the prices will generally get a little cheaper.

Fridays are now very popular and work well, giving guests the full weekend after to either enjoy the weekend where you are getting married, or to recover from the party.

Thursdays are often a cost effective option now as well, with most wedding venues offering a decent discount for this day of the week.